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SWITCH – Politicians of the future

System: LARP


✏️Fredrik Hossmann


SWITCH happens in a parallel reality, which is mostly the same as ours except how the political decisions are made. To make sure that all decisions are guaranteed the same treatment the SWITCH technology are being used, which makes sure that positive, neutral and negative information are being allocate after using complex computer algorithms.

SWITCH is developed in cooperation with the best of the scientists, psychologists and computer technology and found to be the best way for humanity to make decisions. Political parties is not something that anyone want to waste money on, and for a politician to not be able see any situation from at least three sides is looked upon as rather embarrassing.

The politicians of the future are chosen randomly in a lottery, and to have a profound desire to become a politician is considered the only valid reason not to participate in the lottery or possibly to lose their position as a politician. A good politician is not afraid to make decisions even if they should become unpopular.

Hier gespielt worden

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2016)

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