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New Tasmania

System: LARP


✏️Andrius Jautakis
OrgaAndrius Jautakis
OrgaIgnas Ligionis


New Tasmania is a penal colony on a small planetoid on the frontier of the Galaxy. Everyone of you commited some crime against the Society – the very same Society which kept you safe, happy and well fed; but everyone of you was given a chance to repay his debt with blood and sweat and to return home with a clean CV. New Tasmania may become your ticket to a new life – or your grave.

They came down from the stars to your world and started killing your brothers and devastating the land, taking away everything they can. Aliens turned your home into a prison for their scum. Yes, you don‘t have their technologies and centuries of warfare experience, but you are fighting for your land, and defeat is not an option!


In this game players are divided into two separate groups 4 to 6 players each. There are convicts, who were sent to New Tasmania to mine the resources of this planetoid, and then there are indigenes, trying to get rid of the “aliens”.
The game is all about choices – for the groups and for individual characters as well. Should you serve the Society which condemned you? Are the other convicts to be trusted or is everyone on his own? Can aliens be reasoned or is fighting them the only option? Should the whole world be destroyed just for you to get a second chance? When it comes to survival, can you remain human?

Hier gespielt worden

Tallinn International Larp Festival (2016)

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