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Hypothetically Speaking

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 5-6 Spieler


✏️Rei England
✏️Daniel Taylor
OrgaRei England
OrgaDaniel Taylor


You are a group of young geniuses at the start of your academic careers, looking to make a name for yourselves. You met each other when you formed a team on an online forum called ‘Hypotheticals’, a prestigious board where teams of academics prove their worth by researching solutions to an increasingly complicated hypothetical scenario.

The newest challenge is about to be announced, and the winning team will gain global recognition and access to research resources and grants. Over the course of the next year, you will research and answer a new set of questions about a hypothetical problem.

You are meeting your team by video chat as soon as the new challenge is posted.

But what is the mystery of the Hypotheticals board? And can your team solve their own problems first?


Hypothetically Speaking is a game about mystery, brainstorming, and science for six players. A big part of the game is about problem-solving a relatively complex real world hypothetical scenario. No player skills or expertise are required, but you need to like problem-solving and debating solutions.

You might like this game if:
* You enjoy speculating about science fictional technologies.
* You enjoy team problem-solving.
* You enjoy moments in which characters aren’t certain what the right thing to do is, and may argue about their decision.
* You like your roleplay to have choices about how to achieve your character goals, or whether to change them during the game.
* You enjoy investigating mysteries (or protecting them).
* You enjoy playing smart characters who can have weird ideas and then make them happen.
* You enjoy roleplaying the dynamics of a small group of teammates or co- workers.

You should probably NOT play this game if:
* You don’t enjoy making surprising or important discoveries mid-game.
* You don’t like discussing science or thinking up clever things your character could make or do.
* You don’t like the ‘hypothetical crisis scenario’ style of problem- solving.
* You want your roleplay primarily focussed on intense personal interactions such as romance or revenge.
* You don’t like feeling under time pressure.
* You don’t like sending text messages to GMs (or receiving them) during the game.

The game will include half an hour of briefing and character introductions, and then three 50-minute play sessions separated by ten-minute breaks.

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