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Saturday Night, Gay Bar

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 20-30 Spieler

Veranstaltet von

Still Life Collaborative


✏️Alexis Moisand

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, Vereinigte Staaten

OrgaNicolas Bontemps
OrgaAlexis Moisand


## Saturday Night, Gay Bar

It’s Saturday night at the city’s only gay bar, and tomorrow means the party’s over. Rent’s up and business is down, queer people don’t come to the bar like they used to. Progress or problem? You can bring your politics with you or forget about them for a few hours, either way don’t miss this party. We might be closing up shop, but we’re going out with style.

There’s something in the air tonight. You just know everything’s going to be alright. There’ll be sad moments and frustrating moments, but we’ll make it through. People are going to find each other, rifts are going to be healed, communities brought together, learning’s gonna happen and, for once, nobody’s going to get too drunk.

This is a story about queer melancholy and about queer joy - about real lives and real situations, but on a night where there won’t be any tragedy.

## Themes & Mechanics

Game themes will include:

* finding connection;

* seeking community;

* feeling lonely in a crowded room;

* facing endings;

* remembering the past;

* discovering something new;

* dealing with alcohol culture;

* being immersed in hookup culture;

* belonging to an inter-generational community;

* hitting the dance floor!

Safety mechanics will include:

* pre-game workshops;

* post-game debrief;

* off-game calibration;

* the door is always open;

* and “look-down” to exit or bypass scenes.

Game mechanics will include:

* a variant of the “hanky code” to indicate character group and general age;

* memory cards to be read at key moments during the game;

* party-only NPCs to add to the feeling of a crowded bar;

* a live DJ to match the music to the mood;

* and if you’re feeling lost - a GM bartender to give in-game life advice and off-game character direction.

## Friend Groups

Any player is able to play a character of any age. Tonight, like every night, each of the bar's patrons is looking glamorous and the only indicator of a character's generation is the color of their bandana.

##### Underage Crew - Teens Queer kids who aren’t quite old enough to be going to a bar. They’re mourning what they just started to have, wondering about what their futures will hold, and most of all - committed to having one hell of a party.

##### Bachelorette Party - Late 30s They have no idea what they’re walking into and may be ignorant as hell sometimes, but as the night progresses, they might realize that the lines between them and us aren’t so clear after all.

##### Old Guard - 60s and up They nurtured this scene when it was just getting on it’s feet, but it’s been a long time since this bar was their refuge. Seeing it close down is like seeing an old friend pass away, but it’s also an occasion to return to the place where it all started.

##### Owner’s Circle - 40s and 50s These folks are here every night of the week - some of them work here, some of them are just friends of the owner, but for all of them this place is a second home. They’ll still be here tomorrow, cleaning up tonight’s mess. But what comes after that?

##### Activists’ Table - 20s Don’t despair, there’s life after the gay bar. This group of college activists are holding a fundraiser for the LGBTQIA+ community center, a place to gather where you don’t need alcohol and sex to find meaningful connection.

##### Brunch Crowd - Early 30s Though they’re often here on Saturday nights, their scene is definitely Sunday brunch. These yuppies have made it big, but they still feel lonely. Is this their last chance to couple up and write a wedding story that won’t involve what app they met on?

**_Note - there will be one character who will have the opportunity give a 5-15 minute drag performance during the larp. If you wish to sign up for that role, please use the separate sign up bucket._**

![Alt](https://api.time.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/06/gay-bars-america-pride-2019-new-york-2.jpg "Gay Bar") _Photo credit: Matthew Pillsbury from time.com (https://time.com/longform/lgbtq-bars-after-stonewall/)_

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Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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