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And I Crossed the River Lethe

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 6-26 Spieler, Those Who Have Forgotten the Living World: 3-13, Those Journeying to the Underworld: 3-13

Veranstaltet von

Dionysian Gaming


✏️Adrien Kemper

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, Vereinigte Staaten

OrgaAdrien Kemper


*In an astonishing feat of research, the Antiquities Department of Ravenic College has announced the discovery of a route to the Underworld. The head of the project presented their findings to a collection of reporters. Plans for an expedition are being formed, as the city ponders exactly what this could mean for the future.*


*And when I crossed the River Lethe*

*I found that my pain disipated*

*My tears stopped, and my heart grew cold*

*And when I wondered why I had cried at all*

*I could not recall what had harmed me before*


**And I Crossed the River Lethe** is a freeform larp about memory, identity, relationships, and how each affects the other.

Each participant takes on the role of either a **Seeker** - someone who has gone to the Underworld to find their dead loved ones - or a **Lost** - someone who has died and forgotten their life. Seekers must convince Lost to return, and give them the memories needed to find connection to mortal life, without losing themselves to the Underworld in the process.

The first hour will be spent workshopping characters connections and the randomly drawn memories. The subsequent two hours will be for gameplay, consisting of free-form roleplay and short black box scenes. The final hour will be set aside for game conclusion, debrief, and wiggle room.

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Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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