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The Turning Point

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 6-8 Spieler


✏️Ruth Trenery-Leach
✏️Laura Wood
OrgaRuth Trenery-Leach
OrgaLaura Wood


Turning Point is a larp about reaching that moment in your life where you realise you need resolve your past and make a change in your life.

It takes place in a semi surreal dream space where characters encounter significant people from their past or present, and can resolve past issues and work out what they want or need to do to move towards. The focus is on how connections with others shape us – the theme focuses on confrontation and reconciliation.

What do you need to tell people, or hear from them to move towards the life you want to live?

Characters will be created in workshops using songs and poems as a starting point. If anyone needs to see, or hear the songs and poems in advance – we can work with you to arrange that.

Content Warnings: This larp is about dealing with conflict with others and this will be an unavoidable theme of the larp. Players are free to create their own characters, but we will contact them in advance to ask them if there are any topics that they would not like to have in the larp.

In terms of accessibility, the workshop will ask players to read poems and songs in order to create their character. For players who might find this difficult, we can offer alternative options, such as showing them the texts in advance or giving them audio recordings to listen to. We will offer this when we email players to contact.

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