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They Say You Should Talk To Your Plants

System: LARP


✏️Raph D'Amico



Styles of Play: Freeform larp;Larp

A larp about dealing with a tough life by talking to your plants, where you play the plants and the talker.

Tags: houseplants, masks, monologues, greek chorus

Hier gespielt worden

Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)


Golden Cobra Challenge (2019)

Gewinner, Best Use of Silence or Non-Verbal Elements in a Game
They Say You Should Talk to Your Plants is a beautifully quiet game about loneliness, the passage of time, and the conversations one has with their plants. Throughout the game, each player experiences existence both as the human protagonist who is navigating the hurdles of life and as one of the protagonist’s attentive plants. We appreciated the unique role that silence plays in emphasizing the simultaneously sweet and isolating experience of talking to an audience who can’t reply in turn (for the most part!). This game is ultimately about caring for each other, whether you are a withering plant or a lonely human.
Nominiert, J.D.'s Choice Honorable Mentions
This one captured my imagination from its title alone - playful, but also a little mysterious. I love the plant cards, and would form tight bonds with them in play: I am a lover of plants. The dynamic whereby the plants can speak to each other & the protagonist can speak to the plants, but the plants can't speak to the protagonist is the game's most fascinating mechanic -- it sort of makes the protagonist a player-character DM whose role is central. Very cool!


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