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The Will of the Kingdom

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 18 Spieler


✏️Ian Holland
✏️Tyler Machado
✏️Jared Okun
✏️Gale Pollard


A great tragedy has befallen the kingdom of Amethyst Valley! The King, the great King Junius Urswick is dead! In the wake of this tragedy, a banquet celebrating the life of King Junius has been arranged, which will include the first public reading of the King’s will. A very special set of people have been invited to attend the banquet and there will be representatives from the four great Noble Houses of Amethyst Valley, as well as many other important citizens of the kingdom.

The Will of the Kingdom is a game set in a world approximately equivalent to the medieval period, with inspiration drawn from DnD, Magic, and other forms of medieval fantasy. More specifically, it is a game about exploring the competing worldviews amongst the nobility and the peasants of this kingdom. Many of the characters in this game are all seeking to prove that their worldview is superior to the worldviews of others, along with whatever that may entail.

The Will of the Kingdom was written for the inaugural Oceanic MOLW competition, over Summer 2019. WotK is a theatrical-style LARP.

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Intercon U (2022)

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