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Touched by Tragedy

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 16-20 Spieler

Veranstaltet von

Alleged Entertainment


✏️Quinn D
✏️Susan Weiner

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, Vereinigte Staaten

OrgaQuinn D
OrgaSusan Weiner


Touch, grooming, and physical connection are a major part of how nearly all social animals build and maintain our communities. Humans are no exception, and touch is a powerful thing. *Touched by Tragedy* is a contemporary larp which highlights the power of (non-sexual) touch between two characters. Friendly touch, as used in this larp, can release oxytocin and create stronger emotional connection. This larp incorporates a baseline of touch that is higher than many other larps. This larp incorporates tools to allow all players to consent or not consent to every touch interaction. Exploration of the power of touch is the primary goal of the larp, played out through a specific setting to support it.

*In addition to monthly dances, the Copperville Contradance Community hosts an annual retreat held on Cora Island every summer. This summer retreat is a weekend of dancing, music, board games and socializing around the fire for the close knit community. The retreat was going well through the big event on Saturday night, but after a heavy summer storm, part of the great hall collapsed, seriously injuring several. The injured are stable, and the community has huddled together, supporting the injured and comforting each other while they wait for rescue personnel to arrive.*

In *Touched by Tragedy*, you can expect to roleplay characters within a tight knit community. The dancing has passed, so it is not a required part of play. To highlight the power of touch, a touch connection will affect interactions. Players of injured characters will be only able to focus on those they are making a touch connection with. Others will have their focus strongly drawn to the person they are making a touch connection with. In this way, touch is signifying a strong connection between your characters and their connection in that moment.

A beginning workshop lasting up to 1 hour will help players expand on their prewritten characters by forming connections. Players will also review and practice safety around touch and a collaborative memory-building mechanic “Do you remember the time…”

--- **Safety and Touch**

During this larp, touch of hands, arms, shoulders and hugs will work through a system of offering, pausing, and accepting or opting out. These types of touch are generally assumed during play. Other touch is assumed not to be used in this larp. Details will be sent out in advance, and practiced in workshop, but in brief:

* Someone initiates by making a motion towards touch, but stops before touching the recipient. * They pause and wait. * The recipient can simply wait and allow it, or they can motion to opt out. * Multiple signals are provided to end a touch interaction.

This system is used for each and every touch interaction. As an opt out system, players should be confident in their ability to opt out of touch they don’t want.

**Covid Safety**

This larp will start with everyone thoroughly washing hands and uncovered arms. (beyond existing Intercon covid policy)

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Intercon U (2022)
Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023)

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