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Reverse Murder Mystery: The English Channeler Society

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 6-12 Spieler

Veranstaltet von

Dr. Thunderbeard Productions


✏️Abe Pressman


*My stars, that's a lot of blood! And... good heavens, no, what happened to that poor body? You can't even make out the face...*

*Wait. What happened last night? You've seen this before: post-humous amnesia. Nothing like getting clobbered to death with a hammer to knock a few memories loose. You should know—after all, you're an expert on talking to the dead. Oh, damn. Does this mean what you think it means?*

*Something has gone terribly wrong at the English Channeler Society's annual necromancy meeting. Eleven of you are dead; one of you is probably not. But all twelve of you seem to have forgotten a few things in the confusion. It would be a lot easier to sort everything out if someone hadn't smashed every last mirror.*

*Well, no matter. This mansion is the current (and perhaps final) home to twelve of the best spirit mediums that the 19th century has to offer. Surely, by the time the sun rises, you should all be able to sort out who you were, what happened, and why.*

*...and, perhaps, what to do about it.*


(This game was run at last year's Extracon; much of it has been rewritten or improved upon since then, especially the clues themselves. That said, if you've played it before, expect a similar experience and plot)

**Reverse Murder Mystery** is exactly what it says on the tin. In a house full of garish society murders, you'll have a few hours to sort out who's still alive, and why, before the morning ferryman returns and stumbles in on the whole dreadful scene. It's a LARP about ghost detectives, dubious clues, unreliable narratives, ectoplasmic projection, pointless crime, and above all, improvisational storytelling and roleplaying.

This is a systems-light game, with a focus on imagination and solving problems through shoddy guesswork. All combat will be resolved via Tarot draws.

Exact runtime may vary slightly, depending on players' level of creativity (and sanity).

*Note: This game will not involve much traditional detective work (though it will draw heavily from the murder-mystery genre and tropes). Yes, there are a lot of "mysteries"—but many of them will be unsolvable, or require some creative improvisation.*

Inspiration: A vast swath of 19th-century mystery and science fiction, as well as the real-life adventures of [these goofballs] (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ghost_Club#Notable_members)

Character surveys will be sent out well in advance; expect short (1-2 pages) character sheets, followed by a similar amount of in-game reading as the story progresses.


**Mask Policy:** We expect to make a final verdict closer to game time (around when we send out characters) but, depending on the state of covid in 2022, masks may be required for this game. If you have special concerns or requests about this, feel free to reach out to the GMs.

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