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The Neptune Ball

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 15-20 Spieler, Non-player characters: 1-5, Player characters: 14-15

Veranstaltet von

Luminary Roleplay Society


✏️Jeremy Cole
✏️Acata Felton

Intercon U: Ultraviolet (2023), Crowne Plaza, Warwick, Rhode Island, Vereinigte Staaten

OrgaAcata Felton
OrgaAaron Sunshine


*Dear Honored Guest,* *King Triton wishes to personally extend an invitation to you on this most auspicious New Year's Eve. You are invited to attend the Neptune Ball, the most exclusive, and grandest ball in all of Atlantica. There will be dancing, refreshments, and a grand banquet, with all of the finery the palace has to offer.* *In attendance will be many of Atlantica's social and political elite. For the first time in a hundred years of war, the Neptune Ball will also be host to talks of peace with Pacifica. Witness history being made - or have your voice heard, and help steer your country in the right direction. Should politics bore you, there will always be the intrigue of court to divert you. Be careful though, in pursuit of other's secrets, you may find your own revealed as well.*

*The Royal Family eagerly awaits your RSVP.*


"The Netune Ball" is inspired by Disney's The Little Mermaid, but is darker than the bright premise would suggest. This game sits in the timeline around the same time as The Little Mermaid 2 would (Ariel is Queen on land, Flounder is all grown up, Sebastian and King Triton are still around, etc.) but in an alternate timeline where certain things didn't go quite the way we remember from the Disney movie. The character's motivations are murky, and the back-story dark - so be warned. Guard your back during your time under the sea - and watch out for the sharks...

This game brings together political intrigue, magic, uncovering history, and familial tension. As a player in this game, you should expect to spend your time engaging in one or more of the following:

- Political maneuvering to secure a favorable treaty for your faction - Completing Mechanics (e.g.: research notebooks, riddle chains) to uncover important historical information that have the potential to radically change character goals. - Social maneuvering to settle old debts and grudges, and to accomplish personal goals.

As an NPC in this game, you should expect to spend your game interchagably playing:

- A minnow - a page in the palace who runs small errand and tries to, but may fail, to carry messages for PCs, and deceminiates important announcements throughout game from the In-game Rulers. These NPCs add an element of chaos and unreliability to game. - A shark - a top predator in the ocean attracted to blood and violence. These NPCs add an extra element of danger and risk to violence. - Various bit-part NPCs that show up, follow a fairly rigid script to determine if the PCs have accomplished something or not, and then sweep away imperiously. - Deceminates important announcements from bit part NPCs that may be summoned by certain mechanics. - There is one extended NPC role that lasts for about half of the game.

We will employ "Open Door," "Cut and Brake," and the "Okay Check-In," safety mechanics.

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