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Crossroads Tavern: Kaurath

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 6-34 Spieler, choosing this bucket means the player will bring in their character from the Kaurath campaign, or other fantasy campaign.: 0-8, Choosing this bucket means the staff will create a new character for you : 5-21, Non-player characters supporting the plot. May take on more than one role during the game.: 1-5

Veranstaltet von

Kaurath 2.0: a whole new world


✏️Emiliy Feaverear
✏️Selina Harvey
✏️Antonio Sodaro
✏️Stephen Tihor


A few strangers and a few Heroes meet in at the Crossroads Tavern where merchants gather to trade and make deals with both locals and visitors from beyond. Patrons sit around tables, enjoying drinks, and playing games. Occasionally, a fight breaks out. (The tavern is not unlike the social media of High Fantasy worlds.)

Players in Crossroads Tavern will talk with one another, make deals, and trade stuff. They may share a drink and possibly fight a duel or cast some spells. The fate of the world may not be at stake today, but you may resolve a personal problem and, sometimes, small events may have larger consequences.

From a mixed team of Theater Style and Boffer Combat LARP writers comes a civilized moment of peaceful scheming and violent goodness. Kaurath is a High Fantasy world; packet spell casting, boffer sword fighting, and boffer dagger throwing is possible, but combat skills are not required to play. Any combat that happens will be in the fighting circle, and will use simple rules based on the Accelerant system.

While this LARP takes place in the setting of the Kaurath campaign, no prior knowledge of Kaurath is required. Players who already have characters in the Kaurath campaign are welcome to play their characters, and we will provide staff-written characters for those who have not played the campaign. Most of these characters will be from races and cultures with which campaign players are not familiar, or from parts of the game world where adventurers rarely go to ensure no knowledge disparity. All characters, staff provided or pre-existing from the Kaurath campaign, will be balanced mechanically to ensure no disparity in character abilities.

Note that the closer it is to the event the less flexibility staff has in adjusting these characters so early and thoughtful casting forms are important.

No prior knowledge of the Accelerant boffer combat rules system is required, but it can help. If you don't have suitable spell packets or safe boffer-combat weapons a few will be available from staff to share. We will review the core Accelerant rules relevant to this LARP. We expect combat to take the form of the occasional duel or similar resolution of an argument by physical or magical means -- players will be able to opt out of engaging in duels if they prefer.

There will be a combat review/tutorial between 6:30-7:30 Sunday for those wishing it, but it is entirely optional for all players. We will also have a brief combat and safety review during the first 15 minutes of the event.

Supporting Cast in Crossroads Tavern can expect to take on roles to drive the story forwards or present challenges to the players but they will have less agency than the PCs to adjust thier story arc and the length and depth of each arc will be shorter. In exchange they will be able to take on multiple roles during the game and gain the satisfaction ofmoredramti resolutions including greater odds of character death.

The game is designed for a variable number of players to account for scheduling and space provided.

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