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Wintermeet Tavern: Vampires, Dwarves, and Kings, Oh my!

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 10-20 Spieler, Male characters: 2, Female characters: 2, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 6-16

Veranstaltet von

Mad Tea Party & Straightjackets Unlimited


✏️Sean Croteau
✏️Selina Harvey
✏️Stephen Tihor


From a mixed team of Theater Style and Boffer Combat LARP writers:

A power politics event set in fantasy kingdom of Kaurath (home campaign of NERO Hartford) at a winter revel, a time of peace and conversation while the snows prevent any major conflicts.

The Grand Council of the Nine Kingdoms are meetings to decide if and how they should admit their ancient enemy, a kingdom of the ("recovering") Undead to their ranks. And how close their relationships should get to the aggressively annexing Kingdom at the heart of the continent. And a serious border dispute under their very feet.

Events not normally settled running around in the wilderness come to a more civilized setting in the Royal Seat be resolved by the usual mix of persuasion and betrayal.

We do not expect much combat in this context but those who are comfortable with boffer combat or high costume and makeup roles are very welcome. Rules permit noncombat roles and more. No prior knowledge of NERO Rules required. The ability to role-play strong personalities or character with goals a big plus. High and low costume roles but some costuming strongly encouraged.

NERO blankets or Goblin Points available to any player who wants them -- just sign up through [the NERO Database](www.nerolarponline.com) or speak with the GMs. CP exchanges can be arranged (have your game contact the GMs directly.)

This game content may include questions about enslavement, personhood, life after death, cultures inspired by fiction and fictional versions of real cultures, and miscegenation. While the game is rated PG-13, players under 18 must contact the GMs due to boffer content.

Background on the Game and Game world are now on the Home Page listed above.

Any NERO players who plan to attend in character or people who want to be tavern ambiance please contact Stephen directly so we can help you with Con memberships,

We just lost one of our high makeup race players. Please contact the GMs.

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