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Carry on at Camp David

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 17 Spieler, Male characters: 10, Female characters: 7

Veranstaltet von

UK Freeforms Peaky Writing Weekend


✏️Russell Harris
✏️Steve Hatherley
✏️Liz Jones
✏️Donald Oddy
✏️Mike Snowden
✏️Janet Young


It is the 17th November 1962, and the Cold War is at its height. Throughout the USA, rumours of communist conspiracies abound.

The setting is Camp David, the US President's official rural retreat. President Dwight Nixody has broken off trade negotiations to hold a reception in honour of astronaut Buzz Leapyear who is to be presented with the Congressional Medal of Honor. It is a relaxed, informal occasion, and the speeches are expected to be kept short.

The President is also expected to make an announcement about the Statue of Liberty replacement project, which has received much media coverage of late.

The reception officially starts at 6.30pm with a brief welcome from the president, and will end at 9pm when dinner will be served. The game starts a few minutes before 6.30, with the guests gathered in the ballroom.


For those people worrying about what Carry On is all about I wrote the following:-

Carry On - There's a series of 31 films made between 1958 and 1992, with another one looking like it's just stalled in production this week. It's all very seaside postcard humour.

Initially they started as just comedy films, but there were lots of parodies of historical events - so there are ones like

Carry on Cleo (Egyptian) Carry on Screaming (sort of Hammer House of Horror - and my personal favourite) Carry on Dick (Dick Turpin) Carry on Jack (British Navy) Carry on Columbus (awful awful - please don't watch this one) Carry on Cowboy Carry on Don't lose your head (French Revolution) Carry on Follow that Camel (French Foreign Legion) Carry on Up the Khyber (time of the Raj in India)

Then there's a whole series of Medical ones - Nurse, Doctor, Matron.

The emphasis is on silly names - Marshal P Knutt, Doctor Tinkle, Sir Sydney Ruff-Diamond, Princess Jelhi, Private Widdle for example.

The humour is a touch smutty, with a lot of double entedre, lots of flirting and silliness. They mock the class system, and our enjoyment of lavatorial and sexual humour. There are attempts at lust and debauchery, which pretty much always get thwarted, particularly any attempt at adultery, by events outside the character's control, or their wife coming down on them like a ton of bricks. They are also terribly politically incorrect!

What makes them work is the superb cast with Kenneth Williams, Hattie Jacques, Sid James (the dirtiest laugh ever)and Jim Dale.

Hmmm things you might be able to compare them with? There are some similarities with Benny Hill, but they come closest to Are you being Served? I think.

We have ended up in the game with lots of opportunity for innuendo and thwarted adultery, and general silliness and have tried to pay homage to their silly character names with the like of Sheik Ratlanrol, and Olga Korsitsov.

I would suggest as a starting point Carry on Screaming - cos it's my favourite and it's fab.

As of 1st Dec - Amazon.com have Carry on Screaming and Carry on Cowboy on a double DVD from various other sellers starting at $14.90

And a few quotes

Dr. Watt: Oddbodd, what happened to your ear?

Oddbodd makes a gesture that his ear has dropped off

Dr. Watt: Oh, never mind. Ear today, gone tomorrow!


Prof. Inigo Tinkle: I'm flabbergasted! My gast has never been so flabbered!


Mrs. Fussey: Joan may think you're a gentleman but personally I've got sore misgivings.

Sid Boggle: You ought to put some talcum powder on them.


Captain Keene: Fire at will!

Brother Belcher: Poor old Will, why do the always pick on him?


Julius Caesar: Infamy, infamy. They've all got in for me.

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