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Women on the Verge…

System: LARP
Teilnehmer: 3-5 Spieler


✏️Mo Holkar


PDF Szenario [Englisch] (0,4 MB)


“Women on the Verge… is about the evolution of female friendships over time. It is interested in the ebb and flow of warmth, trust, respect and emotional closeness around the group, as time goes on and life events happen. It’s also interested in participants’ exploration of how women's lives express themselves as they grow older.

“The design intention of Women on the Verge… is for participants to explore and experience the drama of real lives. Play should be naturalistic and expressive. It will mix comic and tragic moments, light-hearted enjoyment and serious concern and grief, in the same way that life itself does. The participants will be fitting thirty years’ worth of ups and downs – in their characters’ own lives, and in their interrelationships – into a few hours of play, so it will be an emotionally intense experience which may drain or elevate. They’ll be invited to become strongly bonded as a group; and they may have reflections on their own lives as a result of what they’ve experienced in play.”

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