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End(less) Story

System: Blackbox Larp
Teilnehmer: 5-12 Spieler


✏️Nina Runa Essendrop

The Smoke (2023), Theatre Delicatessen, London, Vereinigtes Königreich

OrgaNina Runa Essendrop


After the end, there is an endless moment where time and space has ceased to exist and the last remaining drops of consciousness are trying to make sense of it all.

We play in this endlessness beyond time, recreating moments and memories through shadows and sensations, and weaving together our fragmented stories of the last moments on earth.

End(less) Story is an abstract, poetic larp taking place just after the world has ended. Players play the fragmented consciousnesses of the last human beings. They interpret their own physical sensations and the shifting shadow images they create as things remembered by their characters. Together they will write down the kaleidoscopic story of the lives they experienced and the scattered impressions from their world.

The larp will be played at a calm pace with no talking and within a shifting landscape of shadows and light.

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