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System: LARP


✏️JP Kaljonen
✏️Johanna Raekallio


“When the day turned to night we saw a distant spot on the horizon closing on us. It was a ship. When it came closer we realized it was a warship that had a Greece flag on it. We were told in Istanbul that we should sink our ship in this case. If they can’t find the ship they cannot send us back to Turkey.

I pierced our boat with scissors and threw them down with the ship. We were taken on board and escorted to a dark room. Soldiers took all our money and equipment. In the morning the hatch was opened and the room was filled with sunlight. We were still at the open sea. Next to the ship there was a rubber-boat full of people. There were six, just like in our boat. On gunpoint they forced us to the boat. The boat that was meant for six people could not carry twelve. Everybody was crying and screaming. Some of us were hanging halfway out of the boat, while others were trying to keep the boat in balance. The military-ship left the sight with roaring engines and headed to the horizon. The sea was restless and we were drifting somewhere between Greece and Turkey.”

The weekend long reality game in the heart of Stockholm at the Sergels torg deals with European asylum system and asylum seekers’ life. The event tie together a participatory public art work and a live action role-play.

People from different Asian and African countries arrive to the borders of Europe where the European border officials patrol day and night. Frontex officers are well known from their effective operations in stopping the illegal migrant flows. After a dangerous trip the migrants find their way to a camp in the city square and prepare to start a new life somewhere in Europe. They must manage as an undocumented or get a good decision from the Migration Board. Getting caught might mean deportation or jail so it is necessary to carefully plan all the moves.

The players can have the roles of border guards, officials and asylum seekers. The NPC’s included the event will reach to 100 participants. Passionate game masters interested on the subject are also invited to contact the organizers.


14. - 16. September 2012, Sergels Torg, Stockholm, Schweden

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