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The Bader Meinhof Experiment

System: LARP


✏️Erlend Eidsem Hansen
✏️Martin Knutsen
✏️Even Tømte


Two rooms, next door : the securitypolice and activists. One wall divides them – One focus tears them apart: ideology

The Bader Meinhof Experiment is an interactive drama about the extreme left of activists in the 1970s, the officers that monitor them, and the terrorists who try to recruit them.

One group of participants plays the police, the surveillance department and the paramilitary. The other group plays activists, communists and anarchists. We are in a space in a collective of Stockholm. The year is 1975. Abba has won the European Song Contest last year. The 1st of May is drawing to a close. What will be the main slogan? Will the Israelis come to Stockholm during the Grand Prix Final?

A group of peace activists and KPml(R) have a visit from a group of fresh new members of the RAF (Red Army Faction). Andreas Baader, Ulrike Meinhof and two others are in prison in West Germany. The RAF plans to do a political action in targeting the embassy in Stockholm. The police do not intend to let this fraction ever reach their goal. But who is a terrorist, who is not? When is it terrorism?

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