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Malmö Protospiel 2019 (2019)

Malmö Protospiel 2019

Ort: Spelens hus, Malmö, Schweden 🗺️
Datum: 23. November 2019

Teil von: Malmö Protospiel

Über den Kongress:

Welcome to Malmö Protospiel 2019!
Come join us on November 23rd to try out the latest and greatest board games before they hit the stores! Bring your friends! Bring your family! Make new friends over board games! And more importantly, have fun!

What is a Protospiel?
A Protospiel is a free family friendly event for play testing board games. Designers from all over will be there with their latest board games and they are eager to hear YOUR feedback! All players are welcome and all feedback will be invaluable to the designers as they polish their games. To encourage people to try out these in development games, play testers will be awarded tickets for a raffle the more games they try out, and at the end of the event, winners will be drawn and prizes will be awarded!

How does the raffle work?
Designers will have a number of tickets to hand out to their play testers and for every 30 minutes spent play testing a game, they will be given one half of a ticket pair. The other ticket halves are collected and at the end of the event, winners will be drawn from that pool to collect a prize. Prizes will include board games, and gift certificates to Playoteket.

If I have a prototype, can I bring it?
Absolutely! Although we do ask that you register for the event. Designers are asked to contribute 100 kr to help cover the cost of the raffle as well as the event in general. In exchange, you will be assigned a table and given raffle tickets that you can give to your play testers to encourage them to try out your game.
To find our more about designer registration, email Malmo.Protospiel@gmail.com

***The arraignment has made it possible with contributions from the City of Malmö***
Thanks to Malmö brädspelsförening and Spelens hus

Please support us and become part of our association: https://ebas.sverok.se/signups/index/20530


PDF Programm (4,6 MB)


15 Jan Åke Hansson
Cattle Barons Jan Åke Hansson
Crooked Kingdom Danial Rashidi
Desolation of Dragons Mats Jengard
Fast Match Niklas Gestrin
Good Vibrations Bastian Borup
Ichi Ni San Kristofer Lilja
Justinian's Dream Jonas Hagerli
Kangaroo Hop Jan Åke Hansson
Krakatoa - the lost island Simon Lindén
Kyndelsmarknaden Peter Hansson
Lindisfarne 793 Peter Hansson
Maze Tower Defence Niklas Gestrin
Mercenaries of Esterok Jason Lentz
Mussades Anders Lystad Brevik
Nina Croitoru
Simon Cutajar
[…]Kristín Guðmundsdóttir
Tróndur Justinussen
Ioana Marin Media
Rorschach Jacob D. Jaskov
Secret Booty: Pearl Harbor Damian Becedas
Johan Harr
Helge Herrstöm
[…]Hans Eric Luiz Jingryd
Jonas Lundin
Johan Melkersson
Björn Wieselgren Neuhauser
Sky Breakers Simon Lindén
Sneaks Inc Bastian Borup
Something with Love Jacob D. Jaskov
Spell it Markus Tångring
Stones of Asgard Jan Åke Hansson
Superhero Peter Hansson
Time Out Jan Åke Hansson
Underwood Legacy Bastian Borup
Watch yourshelf Kristofer Lilja
Wild associations Markus Tångring
World of KIN - Steam Racers Mats Jengard
Årets fastighetsägare Shirley Chan


Organizer Jason Lentz
Organizer Simon Lindén


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