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Do Androids Dream?

System: Nordic Larp
Deltagere: 3-5 GM's, 30 spillere


Ikon - ForfatterAnna-Lisa Muckas Gustavsson
Ikon - ForfatterCarl Nordblom
Ikon - ForfatterSiri Sandquist
Ikon - ForfatterSimon Svensson
Ikon - ArrangørStefan Lunneborg
Ikon - ArrangørCarl Nordblom
Ikon - ArrangørSimon Svensson


Is your time allotted by your creator or a product of chance?
Are you human, or are you simply led to believe that you are?
Are your memories even your own?

What happens when Androids are more human than humans?
Do we have the right to take their lives away at our whim?
Do they have the right to take them back?

Do Androids Dream? is a Nordic Larp, with two separate runs on the 3rd and 4th of February, 2017. It was created by the organization Ariadne’s Red Thread. The larp seeks to explore what it is that makes us human, the nature of Androids and where the two meet. It’s a larp about the darkness of a future where no one cares and where humans constantly seek new excesses in order to feel alive.

Also, it is about the feeling of sitting at a noodle bar in a dystopian futuristic city where it always rains, drinking your worries away.


3. februar 2016, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
4. februar 2016, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden
5. februar 2016, 3:e Våningen, Gothenburg, Sweden


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