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Deltagere: 3-5 spillere


Ikon - ForfatterMuriel Algayres
Ikon - ForfatterFrederik Berg
Ikon - ForfatterEmily Care Boss
Ikon - ForfatterSarah Bowman
Ikon - ForfatterBaptiste Cazes
Ikon - ForfatterRowan Cota
Ikon - ForfatterTora de Boer
Ikon - ForfatterKarin Edman
Ikon - ForfatterJulia Ellingboe
Ikon - ForfatterAnn Kristine Eriksen
Ikon - ForfatterKatrin Førde
Ikon - ForfatterKajsa Greger
Ikon - ForfatterLaura Guedes
Ikon - ForfatterElsa Helin
Ikon - ForfatterKat Jones
Ikon - ForfatterKaisa Kangas
Ikon - ForfatterDominika Kovacova
Ikon - ForfatterFrida Karlsson Lindgren
Ikon - ForfatterKira Magrann
Ikon - ForfatterJason Morningstar
Ikon - ForfatterElin Nilsen
Ikon - ForfatterSiri Sandquist
Ikon - ForfatterLaura Simpson
Ikon - ForfatterLizzie Stark
Ikon - ForfatterSofia Stenler
Ikon - ForfatterAgata Świstak
Ikon - ForfatterLeïla Teteau-Surel
Ikon - ForfatterCathriona Tobin
Ikon - ForfatterEvan Torner
Ikon - ForfatterMoyra Turkington
Ikon - ForfatterSusanne Vejdemo
Ikon - ForfatterLivia von Sucro
Ikon - ForfatterAnna Westerling
Ikon - ForfatterTobias Wrigstad
Ikon - ArrangørMisha Bushyager
Ikon - ArrangørLizzie Stark
Ikon - ArrangørAnna Westerling


Everyone’s talking about it. Your girl friends have tried it, and so has your mom. Not to mention stud-muffin Ryan Gosling, glamazon Beyonce, and even noted Danish man Nikolaj Coster-Waldau (aka Jaime Lannister).

Now, at long last, you’ll have the chance to experience feminism for yourself. Whether you’re not quite sure what all the fuss is about, or are experienced at making gender arguments on the Internet, come play with us in #Feminism.

We’ve collected 33 nano-games written by feminists from ten countries. They range from very silly to super-serious. We’ve got scenarios about how funny the word “vulva” is, about selfies and sex tapes and bad rom-com plots. We’ve also got games about school shootings, reproductive rights, grey zone sexual encounters, and what it’s like to be an aging rock musician or stripper. Whether you secretly aspire to be a commando, manicurist, or president, or just want to practice your flirting skills, you’ll be able to nab a little taste of feminism here.

Together, your group will select and play two to four nano-games, each of which will last between 5 and 60 minutes. Replay value is high, because there are so many scenarios to choose from.

Spillet på:

Fastaval (2016)
Københavns Spilfestival (2016)
Forum (2016)
Jul på Heden (2016)
Knutepunkt (2017)


The Indie RPG Award: MOST INNOVATIVE GAME, 2016, Winner:
The Indie RPG Awards: INDIE GAME OF THE YEAR, 2016, Runner Up:
The Indie RPG Awards: BEST SUPPORT, 2016, Runner Up:
The Indie RPG Awards: BEST PRODUCTION, 2016, Runner Up:

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