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Lindängen International Boarding School

(AKA: Lindängens Riksinternat)

System: Live
Deltagere: 60 spillere


Ikon - ForfatterAlma Elofsson
Ikon - ForfatterMimmi Lundkvist
Ikon - ArrangørMads Dehlholm Holst
Ikon - ArrangørMads Havshøj
Ikon - ArrangørOliver Nøglebæk


Lindängen International Boarding School is a school larp about an almost normal school, with pupils who have class, after school-activities, fall in and fall out of love. The facade is a good school, a successful school, with proper, (mostly rich) and successful students. Behind the facade, however, there is only one rule:

Traditions are made to be followed.

Lindängen International is a larp about bullying, peer pressure, status, power struggle, relationships and fear. It is a larp about people conforming to and being hurt by a system that was there long before they were, and still will be there long after they are gone. It is a larp that can’t be won, only lost.

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Derudover afviklet:

19. - 23. juli 2017, Efterskolen Epos, Augustenborg



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