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Sunfall Wasteland

(AKA: Sunfall 2017)

System: Live

Arrangeret af:

Lost Ideas Denmark


”We’ll go to the Pyramid town of Sunfall, we’ll gamble, drink and make a name for ourselves. Or at least that’s what Hank kept telling me, yelling in my ear over and over again... But you know what?! Hanks Dead!
It’s a town full of desperate souls, only a handfull of rules that everyone breaks in the blink of an eye. Raiders out close in the Wastes, mutants roaming freely inside the town and yet in spite of all these dangers, Hank died from the booze!” – Heard from a customer at the Spill.

Spillet på:

Derudover afviklet:

3. - 9. juli 2017, Boesdal Kalkbrud, Rødvig Stevns


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