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The Temple of Adal'anur

RPG system: Dungeon Crawl Classics
Participants: 1 GM, 3-6 players


OrganizerSimon Sultan


You are neiher heroes nor adventurers, you are but simple peasants.

Long have you tolled under the golden sun that sits atop of the temple of Adal'anur.

The sun brought prosperity to your village, and people gathered from far and wide to bask in its extravagant splendour.

But one day, the sun had suddenly vanished and it was not long until disaster followed.

The fields withered, the forests burned, and mines flooded. Monsters started roaming the countryside and people died in droves from disease, starvation and murder.

It now falls to you, and a small group of survivors, to climb the temple of Adal'anur in a desperate attempt to find out what has happened to the sun, and hopefully, restore it and the land to its former glory.

Played at

KryptCon IV (2020)

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