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Collision Imminent! (The Tenth Anniversary Cruise)

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 25-40 players, Male characters: 3-5, Female characters: 3-5, Characters that are not strictly defined as male or female: 19-30

Organized by

TNT Productions


✏️John Corrado Jr.
✏️Anne Cross
✏️Jeff Diewald
✏️Philip Goetz
✏️David Lichtenstein
✏️Michael McAfee
✏️Don Ross
✏️Alex Thorn
✏️Mark Waks


**COLLISION IMMINENT!** Can someone turn that alarm off? _Please report to your assigned lifepod station immediately..._ Have you seen Fifi? **Why does that engineer look worried?** _...where a trained and friendly Imagineerium™ starship cruise line crewmember will help you..._ Did you hear that thump? **COLLISION IMMINENT!** What do you mean I can't get another Rigellian Core Meltdown to go? What am I supposed to drink while I wait? Is the air getting thin in here? _...to safely board a lifepod that will carry you to rescue in the unlikely event of an actual evacuation..._ **COLLISION IMMINENT!** Will an officer please report to the Leo Deck? Daddy? Do you know where my Daddy is? _Please do not panic!_ **COLLISION IMMINENT!**

TNT Productions is proud to present the tenth anniversary run of _Collision Imminent!_ Come join the unexpected end of the maiden voyage on the newest and most luxurious starliner of the Imagineerium™ fleet. Play one of the crew or several of the passengers in this fast-paced horde style LARP that was a smash hit at Intercon 15.5, Intercon A, Arisia 2003, OurCon XII, WPI, Dexcon VII and Intercon G!

_Collision Imminent!_ is a horde-style game. There are a limited number of parts designed to run through the entire course of the game. There are a significantly larger set of small parts - characters who come on, do some kind of character bit, and then exit. Players in the "horde" get to do many of these roles during the course of the game. There isn't any waiting around for the horde - we're trying to simulate a whole spaceliner full of strange and interesting passengers - so there's lots to do!

Played at

Intercon J (2010)

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