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Marlowe 2020: Renegade Edition

RPG system: LARP
Participants: 7-24 players, Male characters: 3-13, Female characters: 4-11


✏️Kirt Dankmyer
✏️Jon Lemich


There are some who say that Christopher Marlowe actually wrote Shakespeare's plays. By the year 2020, everyone is too busy backstabbing each other for pocket change to care.

The premise for this game is simple: The plots for Shakespeare's tragedies, as reconfigured for a cyberpunk future. The names may be different, and the powers that be may be cutthroat corporations instead of cutthroat noble houses, but the likes of Romeo, Hamlet, and King Lear will be interacting in a landscape of love, betrayal, high caliber weapons and mirrorshades.

This is a four-hour Theatre-style LARP for people who want to engage in backstabbing intrigue and look badass while doing it.

**SPECIAL NOTE** : Due to deadlines, certain plots were left out of the original version of this game. This version adds them back in. If you've played Marlowe 2020 before, this version is a little... different. This is a different, nastier, more adult version of the game than has been run in the past.

Played at

Intercon I (2009)

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