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Music Creatures

System: Blackbox larp
Deltagere: 5-15 spillere


ForfatterNina Runa Essendrop


Players: Music Creatures is a larp that focuses on experiencing the world through music and sound. You will play the Music Creatures. They look like normal human beings, but they move, breathe and talk through sound. For many generations they have secretly blended into human societies, but this night they have chosen to open up one of their meeting places to a few invited human guests. Some Music Creatures might be excited to show the humans how they experience the world while others might be skeptical or scared. Revealing yourself to your surroundings is always a big deal. Music Creatures is an immersive, non-verbal, physical larp. An interacting audience will be invited to play the roles of human guests.

Audience: You have been invited to the secret meeting place of the music creatures. The music creatures experience the world through music and sound. They have been living secretly and silently in human societies for a very long time, but now they are opening up for the first time. You will get to interact with the music creatures on their own term and possibly get the chance to experience the world as they do.

Spillet på:

Blackbox Cph VIII (2019)

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