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Life of an Egg

System: Blackbox larp
Deltagere: 1 GM, 8-12 spillere


ForfatterAndrius Ūdra


You’ll have a chance to live as an egg. With egg-like contact with world, egg-like dreams and goals, egg-like purpose, egg-like destiny. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions. Players should be comfortable with some touching.

This LARP designed to be very emotionally intimate. Players might open the existential drawers, they haven’t reached in a long time. We will create a very sensitive and very connected community. We will experience the hope and hopelessness.

Disclaimer: NOT recommended for claustrophobic participants. NOT recommended for the ones who suffered a loss in close environment recently or for the ones with severe anxiety, depression.

Spillet på:

Grenselandet (2018)
Black Box Horsens ...And That's It (2019)

Afviklinger derudover:

22. april 2018, Minsk Larp Festival, Hviderusland
29. april 2018, Tallinn Larp Festival, Estland

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