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The Case of Hollow Meadows

System: World of Darkness
Genre: Gyser, Thriller
Deltagere: 1 GM, 4 spillere


✏️Dennis Mejsedal


It started with the finding of the old abandoned cottage. Two boys found some strange barrels filed with a strange back-ooze, and something else. Soon after that one boy was missing and one was dead, and the town was covered in fog and fear. 2 cops, a local farmer and a local doctor, gets court in the world of darkness, as a 200-year-old mystery comes to live. What was a stage case of murder an missing people, will now turn into a living Mythology and fairytale. But what is real and what is legend? What is in the black-ooze? Who is the elder king of Darkmoor? And what does the towns people of Hollow Meadow keep secret?

Spillet på

FE Con (2018)

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