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Cock o' Clock - time is dicking...

Forside til Cock o' Clock - time is dicking...


DesignerDick “raxter” Baxter
DesignerSabine Harrer
DesignerSylvia Smatanovà
🎨Julia Rässa
🎨Sylvia Smatanovà


Cock o' Clock is a cute print & play game about quick picks for two + players.

Its goal is to stimulate silly peen talk and to celebrate #dickversity in games.


31 dick cards

1 cock clock

How to play:

1. At the same time, players flip over the first card on their stack of cards.

2. Players compare their cards with any of the cards on the cock clock.

3. If you find a match between two dicks, call it out by saying "Cock o' clock”. Describe your match.

- example: "Cock o' clock - the hairy Renaissance penis!” -

4. If you're correct and your co-players recognise the picture, you win: Put your card next to the matching dicks, beside the clock.

The first players to get rid of their entire dick deck wins.

Spillet på

Nordic Game Jam (2018)

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