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Welcome, Souls!

System: Blackbox larp


Ikon - ForfatterMaryia Karachun
Ikon - ForfatterZhenja Karachun
Ikon - ForfatterVolha Rudak
Ikon - ForfatterNastassia Sinitsyna


You’ve died, but that’s not the end of the journey. It’s just a path that all of us have to take. Before anything new can start you should make a difficult and ambiguous decision that is an essential part of the journey. Right now you are in transition – what happens next is up to you.

“Welcome, Souls!” is not a drama larp, but it does deal with serious and in certain way existential issues, such as death, choices, destiny and, of course, love. What life is all about, and who are we to say?

This game is heavily based on improvisation where players work throughout the larp in pairs developing common narrative.

Spillet på:

Black Box Horsens (2017)


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