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A Play of Shadows

System: Blackbox larp
Genre: Drama, Gyser


Ikon - ForfatterJeppe Bergmann Hamming
Ikon - ForfatterMaria Bergmann Hamming


20 years ago six friends meet for an evening of roleplaying as they have done so many times before. The fireplace is roaring, the tea is hot, and the game is about to begin. But they are not alone. Something is different about this night, the forest seems darker than it used to, the shadows are longer. Tonight the shadows will show their true colours and what is game and what is real will perhaps not be as clear any more. The game is about the relations between these six young people, the darkness inside them and how something out there in the night will make all this come to the surface. A Play of Shadows is an adaption of ”Skyggernes Spil” from Fastaval 1998, written by Maria Bergmann Hamming and Maiken ”Malle” Nielsen. It is a psychotic, erotic drama dealing with subjects like sexual violence. We want to use the Black Box to create a thick experience of 90ies goth and horror, and the participants should be prepared for that.

Spillet på:

Black Box Horsens (2017)


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