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Play the Cards

(AKA: Klassefesten)

System: Live
Deltagere: 20-32 spillere


ForfatterTyra Larsdatter Grasmo
ForfatterFrida Sofie Jansen
ForfatterTrine Lise Lindahl


Play the Cards is a larp about being a teenager, about fitting in and about knowing your place in the hierarchy. You’re in high school; you know who you are, what your social position is and most importantly, who you want to be. This is your first real house party. No parents. It’s the important party where everyone shows up and anything might happen.

We use a deck of cards to indicate high school’s unspoken, but oh-so-public popularity rating. The Hearts are the popular girls led by their queen. The cool guys are The Spades. The Clubs are the alternative people that are engaged in politics or culture. And lastly you have The Diamonds, the outsiders and nerds whom no one likes and who stick together because they have no one else.

The gist of this larp is to give the players the opportunity to re-live both the good and bad feelings of their teen years, to see the situation from different perspectives and most of all: to remember when emotions and the small events of everyday teen life were the most important things in the whole wide world.

Spillet på:

Jul på Heden (2016)
Stockholm Scenario Festival (2017)

Afviklinger derudover:

30. april 2016, Rollespilsfabrikken, Brønshøj
22. juli 2016, Baghuset 7000, Fredericia
22. oktober 2016, Geekcore, Valby Kulturhus
13. januar 2018, Baghuset 7000, Fredericia



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