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DesignerStefan Nordborg Eriksen


Dethrone is a 4 player tactical army-building boardgame. Each player is a warlord, and must manage his gold, grow his army, and beat the other warlords. The last man standing wins.

However, in the middle of everything, the king is silently observing the battle, collecting taxes from your purchases, and growing his own army. Once in a while, you get to influence his choices, and decide what units he buys.

If you are brave (or foolhardy) enough, a warlord can dethrone the king, and take control of his army. This changes the game into a 1 vs 3 battle, where the remaining warlords must bring down the usurper. If the usurper is brougt down, all remaining warlords win instead!

Spillet på:

Nordic Game Jam (2016)

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