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System: Live

Arrangeret af:



Ikon - ArrangørMarcus Adell
Ikon - ArrangørSofia Alonzo
Ikon - ArrangørSvetlana Gross
Ikon - ArrangørErik Pihl
Ikon - ArrangørKarolina Staël
Ikon - ArrangørRobin William-Olsson


Join the movement. Find faith. Be absorbed by a group. Leave sadness behind. Abandon your belongings and your individuality. Get prepared for the ultimate leap of faith: to disconnect from your body.

Dis/Connect is a larp, live action role play, of the Nordic Larp type. It’s a simulation to experience the mindset of a closed community of faith and feel first-hand all the positive feedbacks that it can give. The setting is in a world of 2016 as we know it, except the Deep Connect movement that we are playing has some sci-fi stuff. It will be played in English.

As participant, you will co-create the story of a group with a strong devotion, isolated at the place they call “The Island”. The larp takes us through the 270 days of preparations that they do, before the final act of uploading to a common consciousness. Through a set of acts, you will go through the steps of mental and physical preparation that are needed to prepare your minds for the great leap. The game ends when you take the final step – the collective upload of the characters’ minds and leaving of the bodies. All characters will take it together.

Spillet på:

Solmukohta (2016)

Derudover afviklet:

6. - 9. oktober 2016, Finnåkers kursgård, Sweden: International run 1
13. - 16. oktober 2016, Finnåkers kursgård, Sweden: International run 2




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