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See Me Now

Genre: Drama
Deltagere: 1 GM, 6 spillere


ForfatterLiz Gorinsky
ForfatterSara Williamson


It was one of those small towns where everybody knew everybody. We were pretty close. But I haven’t seen Z in ages…

See Me Now tells a story about six friends by flashing through key moments in their shared childhood and adolescence, with an emphasis on the formation of their gender identities. Throughout the scenario, players choose from an array of gender-coded scene cards that will allow them to either conform to the gender assigned to them or cross its boundaries to other identities. The scenario culminates with the crew coming together as adults at their first high school reunion, to explore how they, and their relationships, have changed.

Spillet på:

Fastaval (2016)
Rollespil din Pride (2016)

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