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System: Live
Deltagere: 2 GM's, 26 spillere


ForfatterBjarke Pedersen
ForfatterSimon Svensson
ForfatterLinda Udby


BAPHOMET is a larp about personal horror set in the vintage era. You sign up together with another player as a couple and you will dive into madness together. You will fight the urges from the other side, but one thing is sure: humans cannot conquer gods.

BAPHOMET is the prequel of the larp PAN that has been run several times. It is not necessary to have played PAN to be able to participate in BAPHOMET.
In 1937 all members of The Hermetic Order of Ardor disappeared without a trace.

The Order was gathered to motivate its members to ascend to a higher plane of existence. Notes found at their estate suggest that during one of the summonings run by the Lady Templar, at least one deity slipped through the cracks in the aether and slowly condemned the members to hell.

This is the story of what happened.


5. - 8. oktober 2015, Lungholm Gods
8. - 11. oktober 2015, Lungholm Gods
8. - 11. marts 2018, Lungholm Gods
11. - 14. marts 2018, Lungholm Gods
11. - 14. marts 2019, Lungholm Gods
14. - 17. marts 2019, Lungholm Gods
28. - 31. oktober 2019, Lungholm Gods
31. oktober - 3. november 2019, Lungholm Gods




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