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Log ind:

Fairweather Manor

System: Live
Deltagere: 134 spillere

Arrangeret af:

Dziobak Larp Studios


ForfatterCharles Bo Nielsen
ArrangørClaus Raasted


Fairweather Manor is a Nordic style larp (live action role play) set in England during WW1. During the event, the participants leave their normal lives behind for three days and step into the lives of servants, nobles, artists and local guests at a great house during the Edwardian period.

Fairweather Manor is an international larp, with the 135 participants coming from many different countries. The larp is inspired by the TV series Downton Abbey, Upstairs/Downstairs, Edwardian England and the Great War (World War One).

We invite you to take the leap with us - back one hundred years into a past where class and social status was everything and where the ideal of service was still very much alive.

Welcome to Fairweather Manor.


2. - 5. november 2015, Zamek Moszna, Polen
5. - 8. november 2015, Zamek Moszna, Polen
14. - 17. april 2016, Zamek Moszna, Polen: FM2
3. - 6. november 2016, Zamek Moszna, Polen: FM3: 1917
2. - 5. november 2017, Zamek Moszna, Polen: FM4: 1917
1. - 4. november 2018, Zamek Moszna, Polen: FM5



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