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Genre: Action, Drama
Deltagere: 10 spillere


ForfatterCarolina Dahlberg
ForfatterKarl Ytterberg


This larp is a spin-off of the Assassins Creed video games. The story takes place in Sweden,Denmark and Norway, telling the story about known and unknown individuals playing significant parts in some historical turning points.

You don’t need any prior knowledge of the Assassin’s Creed video games to play this larp.

Genre: Animus is a non-competitive/collaborative action/drama larp. There will be violence and killing.
Setting: Historical events and settings in Sweden, Denmark and Norway.
Participant type: Players must be physically able (a standard set of limbs and ability to control them), enjoy transparent/collaborative play, serious themes and epic storylines.
Costume: Expect a lot of physical movement and dress comfortably in black, plain clothes.
Language: English
Price: 100 kr. including a sandwich.

Spillet på:

Blackbox Cph IV (2014)
Grenselandet (2015)
Knudepunkt (2015)

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