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Stereo Hearts

System: Blackbox larp
Deltagere: 5 spillere


ForfatterMaria Ljung
ForfatterHelene Willer Piironen


Experimentation – Communication – Music

“My heart’s a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note oh oh”

Music is your way of communicating. You try to express yourself with it. Sometimes it goes as intended and sometimes… it just… whatever. That was not what you meant. You still try to fill in the gaps, the only way you know how.

You will be playing five unfinished characters trapped in fragments of fiction. Now you have to tell your stories through music and monologues.

A game for players who wants to experiment with a different way of expressing characters. Every player needs to bring a music-playing device about the size of a phone, with Internet access (smartphone, Ipad Mini etc.) and a set of earplugs.

Spillet på:

Stockholm Scenario Festival (2013)
Black Box Horsens (2015)
Blackbox Cph V (2015)


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