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Three Days until Retirement

Genre: Efterforskning
Deltagere: 1 GM, 3-4 spillere


ForfatterStuart Keating


You’re a veteran cop with only three days left until you retire.

You’ve been given one last case to solve, a string of burglaries executed with ninja-like stealth and military precision.

In this take on neon-soaked 80s cop films (Lethal Weapons, Beverly Hills Cop, etc), three to four players try to solve the mystery while one player serves as the "game master" and plays all NPCs.

Players use playing cards instead of dice, and have three "days" consisting of four scenes each in which to solve the crime or die trying. Players should prepare themselves for over-the-top, gonzo fun.

Spillet på:

Fastaval (2014)

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