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Storytelling Tango: In Fair Verona Short Stories

Genre: Drama

Arrangeret af:

Dance Affair


Ikon - ForfatterJesper Bruun
Ikon - ForfatterTue Beck Saarie


Story telling tango is when you dance tango to a fixed story line. Each story has 3-4 chapters and each chapter is one tango song in length.

Before each chapter, you will know where the chapter ends, but how you get there is up to you, your partner, and your interpretation of the characters and setting. The result is passionate dances and deeply emotional experiences.

We will be playing several stories set in a Black Box version of an American ghetto in the 1920s. For this event, we will experiment with including live music. The music will be provided by Nighthawks, who will play Tom Waits songs adapted to tango.

To participate, you need to have only the most basic experience with tango. If you have recently participated in an introductory tango lesson, you are good to go. If you have a lot of tango experience, you can use this event to find new expression and meaning in your dance.

En ghetto i en amerikansk storby i 20-30'erne.

Drama og tango.

Dig, der kan lide med dans og musik som en del af rollespil.

Dans, kropslig indlevelse, levende musik, narrativitet.

Spillet på:

Blackbox Cph II (2012)

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