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Blooddrops From The Faceless One

System: D&D 3rd Edition
Genre: Fantasy


✏️Rune Nielsen


It was a quiet evening in Elversult, the town counsil was settling some traders guild dispute. Suddenly the door burst open, and in came a badly injured townguard. He lumped towards mayorness Yanseldara’s table, and fell on his knees right in front of her.

Yanseldara stared freightenly at the guard. ”What has happened, Ferild?”

The guard studdered a weak reply: ”We were overrun mayorness… those thief came again, they attacked us in the caravans from the harbour… They are all gone… NO… They are all gone…”

Yanseldara stood up, she looked angrily around the room.

”I have had it with these thiefs, I think it is time they taste a little of their own blood… Send for some adventureres, someone who will dare infiltrate Westgate!”

Spillet på

RusCon 13 (2004)

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